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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Many eye diseases develop and progress with little to no early symptoms, so comprehensive eye exams are essential at early detection.

Age-related Macular Degeneration

As we age, the macula starts to deteriorate, leading to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). As AMD progresses, it affects central vision and can impact your ability to read, write, drive, or recognize faces.

Diabetic Eye Diseases

Those with diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic eye diseases. High blood sugar related to diabetes can greatly impact your eyes, increasing your risk of cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic eye diseases like retinopathy.


Cataracts are the fogging of the eyes’ natural lenses. They most often affect those over 60, but nearly everyone will develop cataracts as they age. Early cataracts can be managed with eyeglasses or contact lenses, but they may require surgery as they progress.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

If you wear glasses or contacts, you may have considered corrective eye surgery at some point. If you are tired of the hassle these common solutions present, we can help determine if laser eye surgery is right for you.

The first step in determining if corrective eye surgery will work for you is a comprehensive eye exam. If we find that laser eye surgery is a good option for you, we will then refer you to our trusted ophthalmologist and laser eye clinic and handle all your pre- and postoperative care.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain can lead to uncomfortable symptoms, like headaches, blurred vision, excessive tearing, or dry eyes. These symptoms develop after extended use of computers, smartphones, or tablets, which is becoming more common as these digital devices become essential in our everyday lives.

Digital eye strain does not lead to long-term damage, but the symptoms can make it difficult to concentrate. But, you do not have to suffer. Our team of eye care professionals can help you find relief and teach you how to avoid future discomfort.

Emergency Eye Care

Eye accidents can happen to anyone at any time. If this happens during our office hours, please call us at Fergus Eye Care, otherwise please proceed to the Emergency Room if you have an immediate concern. We will make time to diagnose and treat your eye injury.

Even the smallest eye injury can lead to long-term consequences. Call us immediately if you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms after an eye injury like:

  • Change in or loss of vision
  • Flashes of ligh
  • Eye pain
  • Redness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Bleeding from the eye
  • Discharge from the eye
  • New or severe headaches

Immediate treatment can save your eyes and vision.

Where to Find Us

You can find us on St. Andrew Street West nestled in Fergus’s historic downtown. Our office has a small step at the front door, but we are happy to assist our patients who use assistive mobility devices to enter our office safely.

Free parking is available on St. Andrew Street West (3 hours), as well as in the parking lot behind our office, as well as in the municipal lot at Provost Lane and St. Patrick Street.

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